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SBAM Policy Positions

SBAM’s proactive policy agenda gives policymakers direction and insight from Michigan small business owners.


SBAM supports a simple yet equitable tax system that promotes economic growth while cultivating an environment friendly to entrepreneurs and innovation. Tax dollars should be spent in an efficient and effective manner, providing real value to taxpayers.

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Government & Regulations

Overregulation stifles innovation, restricts growth, and imposes compliance burdens on small businesses. SBAM encourages governmental restraint when regulating the relationship between employers and employees.

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Health Care

Rising costs in health care have led health insurance to represent a growing burden for small business owners. SBAM supports policy solutions that lower health care prices by limiting mandates and fostering an open, transparent, and competitive market.

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For small businesses to thrive now and in the future, Michigan’s education system must prepare students for today and tomorrow’s economy. The education we provide should be focused on skills needed to compete in today’s economy while also providing a quality and well-rounded education.

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Workforce Development and Talent Retention

Talent attraction and retention in today’s scarce job market is the primary challenge many small businesses currently face. SBAM supports policies that promote skill development in the workforce, advance potential talent, and encourage workers to participate in the job market.

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Economic Development

Small businesses account for roughly half of all jobs in Michigan yet are often overlooked in conversations on economic development. SBAM prefers an economic development strategy that relies on “Economic Gardening” and building an environment that supports entrepreneurs and home-grown businesses.

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SBAM’s energy policy is built around the core pillars of reliability and affordability. Michigan’s small business owners rely on energy to run reliably in the background without interruption at a reasonable cost that does not remove from their ability to run and operate their business.

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Housing and Infrastructure

To ensure that small businesses can thrive in every corner of Michigan, SBAM supports measures that equip communities with adequate infrastructure, broadband capabilities, and tools to address housing demand.

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