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Composite Rating

Simple & Equitable Health Insurance Premiums

A composite rate for health insurance refers to a method of determining premiums for a group health insurance plan. Instead of assigning individual rates to each member of a group based on their age, gender, and other factors, a composite rate provides a single premium rate for all members of the group, offering a fair and equitable opportunity for all employees.

This approach simplifies the premium-setting process for group health insurance, making it easier for employers to manage and predict costs. Best of all, SBAM can guide you and your insurance agent through this process!

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Calculate Premiums & Enroll

Here’s how to enroll with composite rating through SBAM:

  • Contact your insurance agent or the SBAM Member Care Team at (877) 949-7226,, or visit our SBAM Service Portal at
  • Pull your current BCBSM/BCN enrollment census information, rates and monthly health premium.

Our Composite Rate Calculator will then work its magic, providing you with a premium calculation that is consistent and fair for all your employees.

Upon completion of the rate calculation, sign a simple contract and allow 30 days to complete enrollment.

Rate Calculator

Curious about how rates are calculated? Use this rate tool to determine your potential composite rating pricing.

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Enrollment Checklist

It’s simple to enroll, whether or not you are a currently enrolled with an SBAM-sponsored BCBSM plan. This handy checklist walks you through the steps you can take to get set up.

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What is Composite Rating?

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